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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rainy Day Blues!

I fell asleep to the rain and woke up to a cloudy day. From the moment my head hit my pillow I was so excited because I knew it was time to break out my wellies! Since there's been a drought my poor rain boots have been stashed in the hall closet, but today they get to shine. 

Blue is my favorite color so it was obvious to me to wear this gingham shirt that I love with my navy rain boots and my favorite pair of jeans. However, I didn't want to be all blue and it was a little chilly so I added my favorite Herringbone vest! Mine is black, but the dark gray version is still for sale! I'm not always for mixing prints, but this vest really works like a neutral when you need it to. 

Of course, to finish off this preppy look I needed a statement necklace and a pop of Kate Spade on my ears. Then I grabbed this Poverty Flats bag on the way out the door. Honestly, it was already packed from the weekend and so that's why it got to make an appearance. I am terrible at switching out my handbags! Anyone else have that problem? 

Even though it's a rainy day, spread some sunlight around! 

Love you lots, 

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