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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

DIY: Fall Pillows

I love these pillows and have them set around all over my living room! They are super easy and only cost about $10 each (including the pillow)! I love this project because once I am done with fall and ready to set up all my Christmas decor I can switch out the pillowcases for new ones! It's so much easier storing four pillowcases in the garage than four 18" X 18" pillows! And yes, there will be a Christmas version of this project in December! 

I ordered these pillows from Amazon and they fit the pillowcases perfectly! I had my mom pick up the linen pillowcases from Hobby Lobby in Texas, but you can get them from most craft/sewing stores! The paint and paint pens can be any color you like to make the pillows your own!

Happy crafting! Maybe make these as a host's gift for Thanksgiving!

Love you lots, 

Download and cut out!!


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