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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Evin's got a brand new bag!

I went simple with my outfit today because I wanted to show off my brand new Kate Spade bag! I got it during their last big sale and have been obsessed ever since it came in the mail! It's a great structured piece and I love the croco finish. I never imagined myself carrying around a green purse, but this dark forest green color is incredible! I'm also loving burgundy so I might be adding one of those to my collection pretty soon! 

Since this bag was in the sale, I've had some trouble finding an exact match now that it's over. I did, however, find a bunch of similar bags for you to choose from ranging in every price point. Plus, a similar-colored Kate Spade bag! I can't wait to wear this bag to all my holiday parties!! 

One || Two || Three || 
Four || Five || Six || 

I love this outfit and plan to carry it quite a bit in the coming months. So I hope you don't mind seeing it in a few upcoming posts. Maybe more than a few. ;) 

Love you lots, 

P.S. Sorry for posting so late in the day. I lost my memory card, which held today's intended post. So I scrambled to make this one happen! However, check back tomorrow for a Fall DIY project!

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