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Friday, November 20, 2015

Casual Thanksgiving Outfits under $100!

As promised in yesterday's post here are three more looks for Thanksgiving under $100. Yesterday's looks are something you'd wear to a Blair-Waldorf-style Thanksgiving. And as much fun as I would have dressing to the nines and attending a super formal dinner, it's not always the case. I think most people have more casual dinners, like my family, and you can still look super cute without getting to dressed up. 

My family Thanksgivings traditions include lots of cooking, playing football and getting Christmas decorations out of the attic, so pants are necessary because I never turn down a game of football! Plus, I don't own an apron so cooking a pumpkin pie in a cream tapestry dress would be a nightmare! 
What kind of Thanksgiving does your family have?  

Cape || Jeans || T-shirt || 
Bag || Boots || Hat || 

Shirt || Scarf || Jeans ||
Lipstick || Watch || Bag ||

Sweater || Leggings || Scarf ||
Sunglasses || Booties || Phone Case ||

We are less than a week away to Thanksgiving! I hope you're excited!

Love you lots,

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