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Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's Day Makeup!

I am currently planning my Valentine's Day look! I am completely unsure about what I want to wear, but I know two things for sure: Shoes and Makeup. As I said to a friend last night, I've got it all figured out... except for the top part. Maybe I'll find a cute dress or top this weekend!

As for makeup, I love a really feminine, pretty look for Valentine's Day! Pink blush and a pretty pink lip, and some really dramatic eyelashes! I know a lot of people might want a sexier, smoky eye and a siren red lip, but I love this subdued look. I look crazy with a smokey eye, so I'll leave the wow factor up to my outfit!

I must admit that I wear a lot of drugstore makeup. My foundation, concealer, under eye cream and powder are all Clinique, but the fun stuff (eye shadow, lip color, blush, bronzer) is made up of a bunch of drugstore impulse buys. Anytime I'm at Target or Walgreens I always look around for something new and fun! 

However, over the last few months I have been lusting after a few pricier makeup items. I am in love with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush! It's been saved to my Nordstrom wish list for a while! Not only is the product itself beautiful, but the color looks amazing on! And Ellie Goulding's lip colors for MAC are the perfect shades of light pink/coral, plus they are limited edition so you better act fast! (Also, this Smashbox brush set is on sale for under $50!!)

Are you going for a smoky eye look this weekend or are you planning to play up the pinks like me? 

Happy Valentine's Day to all my Valentines!

Love you lots, 

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