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Friday, February 5, 2016

Valentine's Day Gifts!

I love Valentine's Day! I understand that some people think it's a day created by greeting card companies and Hershey chocolates, but I think it's just a fun day to tell everyone in your life that you love them! It's the ultimate day to spread some sunlight!

With that said I am not the person buying SUPER expensive gifts. These gift guides include gifts in every price range! I know I'll be sticking to a budget and baking some treats (coming soon!) to supplement smaller gifts (I mean it was just Christmas!). Then because I love cheesy jokes and puns I've matched a silly saying and a card to each gift! You get the whole package!!!

One || Two || Three || Four ||
Five || Six || Seven || Eight ||
Nine || Ten || Eleven || Twelve ||

1. You're number one in my book! (bookmark)
2. ISO in love with you! (card)
3. Roses are red... (card)
4. Will you accept this rose! (card)
5. You're a gem! (card)
6. I chews you! (gift tags)
7. Say you'll be wine (M&S Download 1 & 2)
8. You have a heart of gold! (DIY card)
9. Gimme some Sugar! (card)
10. I like you a Latte! (card)
11. I think we make a great match! (card)
12. I plan on 'purse'uing you! (M&S Download)

One || Two || Three || Four ||
Five || Six || Seven || Eight ||
Nine || Ten || Eleven || Twelve ||

1. I mustache you to be my Valentine! (card)
2. Words cannot espresso how much you mean to me! (card)
3. Will you be my Valent'wine'? (M&S Download)
4. I love you big time! (card)
5. I'm all about your bass! (card)
6. You're my sweet! (M&S Download)
7. You fit the bill! (M&S Download)
8. You're Neat! (card)
9. You're always running through my mind! (M&S Download)
10. Love is blinding (DIY)
11. You bow me away! (card set)
12. I like you, baggage and all! (M&S Download)

Love you lots, 

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