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Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday with Matt: Thigh Burner Workout!

I've been pretty self conscious about my inner thighs for a long time. It's a place that I hold weight and I know that that's really common for a lot of people. That said I never turn down a good leg day! I hate lifting weights and despise upper body workouts, but plan a good lower body circuit and I couldn't be happier! It just makes me feel like I'm working on a goal! 

So in an attempt to get ready for the warm summer months and all the shorts that I can't wait to wear, I've really increased the amount of lower body exercise that I've been doing. I can't wait until the mornings warm up so I can start running again! I am too much of a sissy to run if it's chilly!

We'll be doing a killer cardio circuit next week, so check back for that!

Love you lots,

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