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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Spring Splurge or Save!

I think we are all ready for spring and there are some amazing trends out there! But unless you're spending limit is completely unlimited (and if it is I'm totally jealous) you have to pick an choose what to splurge on and what trends to get for cheap. I've scoured the Internet and found cheaper alternatives for all of my designer favorites! 

I'm in love with espadrilles this season and while Tory Burch came out with a lace pair, Soludos makes great shoes in an almost identical style! Also, I'm obsessed with saddlebags and have been for awhile, but there's no way I am dropping this month's rent on a handbag. The Vince Camuto one isn't necessarily a steal, but when you're saving over $1500 your fashion dreams are a lot closer to reality!

What other trends are you loving? Send me a picture and I'll do my best to find a cheaper look alike! 

Love you lots,

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