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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Blue Frilly One!

I know bright blue doesn't scream Fall, but decide to stand out in a crowd because everyone needs this MILLY dress. It's actually the first dress I put on because I was obsessed with the frills and the neckline, not to mention the color. It's unlike anything I've ever worn or really even picked up off the rack. From the minute I zipped it up, though, I was sold! 

I picked these shoes up for a long, green velvet dress that I wore over the weekend and they doubled as a perfect pairing for this blue. The muted gold is so pretty and I love that it's a hint of metallic, but doesn't detract from the dress. The chunky heel is also a favorite trend of mine because not only are they more comfortable to walk in, but I like the extra weight that it adds to the look.

I planned to carry a gold clutch, but #bloggerstruggles are real. I left it on my bed when I packed up the three looks in garment bags to go shoot, so this pale nude clutch from the first look was a great substitute. I did, however, link a gold clutch below just in case you'd want a little more metallic for your look!

With a neckline this high I recommend letting it have it's moment. A pair of chunky earrings really accent it well, but a necklace would just distract. I'd even say that putting your hair up into a stylish bun would take this look the the next level! This dress has a lot going on so with the metallic shoes, the statement earrings and the little clutch I popped on some nude-y lip gloss and let it be the centerpiece.

Love you lots,

Like the dress? Let Paige know for shipping options! 
Thanks Cake Plate for providing these looks.

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