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Monday, November 28, 2016

Post-Thanksgiving Cardio!

The holidays are officially upon us! Parties, food, constant activity, ladies and gentleman we are in the thick of it. Which means you are probably stuck between wanting to eat all the Christmas cookies and fitting into that sparkly red party dress — it's a dilemma. I promise that you can do both, though. Just maybe only have one cookie.

No you won't come out the other side with a six-pack, but you also won't end up with a food baby stuck fitting into nothing, but your Christmas pajamas. The trick my friends is to really invest an hour of your day this month (STARTING TODAY! NOT DEC. 1) to a high-intensity workout. You need to sweat, you need to lift and you need to get your cardio on and your heart rate up! 

Once the New Year passes you can get serious about meal prepping and eating raw or clean or whatever fad comes up between now and then. I am all about realistic goals and I know that this time of year all I can do is prevent weight gain and maintain health. With my massive to-do list, the traveling and a holiday social calendar it's not realistic to plan every single meal down to the calorie. So enjoy the season and just do what you can to stay in great health!

Love you lots,
Today's (and last week's) workout look:

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