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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fall is Here!!

BP. Cardigan, similar || Vince Camuto Top, similar || Levi 721 jeans ||

I keep thinking that spring is my favorite season, but these leaves and crisp air have me thinking again! I can't get over the amazing colors on all of the trees right now!

I've been pretty obsessed with dark greens recently, but that love is quickly shifting to burgundy. I love a dark statement lip for fall and it pairs perfectly with one of my favorite cardigans! I picked this one up last year, but the slouchy feel of it is so great for layering. And since it's still pretty warm in the Valley and this piece is really lightweight you get a "fall" look without burning up!

I have to give a shout out to my mama since she got me these gorgeous booties! I love the style and the diamond embossing on the suede. It's super subtle, but the added texture makes them so unique! The stack heel is also great to walk around in, so these babies are going to be worn a ton this season.

I also didn't realize that this outfit it basically a walking Vince Camuto ad, but it wasn't intentional. Haha! I guess when you like a brand you just gravitate to ALL of their pieces!

Love you lots, 


  1. I'm loving burgundy this season too! Love those boots, great mom for picking them up for you :)