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Monday, May 2, 2016

Beach Shoulders!

I can't believe it's almost May!! I have a little less than a month to get closer to my fitness goals for my birthday, my best friend's wedding, and my little brother's graduation! There are going to be a ton of photos taken in that one short weekend and I want to be looking my best! And that all starts with being confident in the way you look and feel!

My bridesmaids dress has pretty small straps so I've been working on my shoulders and arms since they'll be on display! And of course since I like to run I love working in some lower body strengthening! Matt knows all of this and put together an awesome routine! It's one of our shorter workouts in time, but do three full sets and you'll definitely feel your muscles! Pair this with thirty minutes of your favorite cardio! That way you get the calorie burn and the strengthening!

We are so close to summer and that means vacation! What are you doing to get ready for summer? I'm thinking about getting a haircut, too! Because it's not always all about the bikini body :)

Love you lots,

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