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Monday, May 23, 2016

Bodyweight Exercises!

With graduations and summer vacations coming up, we wanted to make sure that you're covered on your many trips. It's sometimes really hard to find a gym when you're traveling and even harder to find a spare hour to make yourself go! Believe me, I've been there and there's no judgement! Who wants to go to the gym when you have a new place to explore!?

However, I've got some travel plans coming up so I wanted to come up with a super quick and effective workout that I can do without having to find a gym. I've actually made a habit of using hotel gyms and I really like them because I'm usually all alone! Plus, the equipment is generally pretty new and clean since it doesn't get used that often. But I understand that sometimes the hotel gym is packed or really lacking in equipment, so I asked Matt what the five most effective weight-free and equipment-free exercises are. These are five movements that will help keep you working out on the go and you can do them in your hotel room!

If you make a point to do some kind of exercise every day while on vacation, I promise you'll come back feeling a lot better. I always come back from vacation feeling like I lost track, indulged in too many tasty treats and lost momentum. This time I am going to do my best to exercise more on the go and work this routine and some yoga into my travel plans!! 

What are your summer plans?

Love you lots,

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