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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Summer Weddings!

Look 1: Dress || Clutch || Wedges || Earrings || Nails (She Said Yes) || Lips (Cosmic) || Cuff || Rings ||
Look 2: Dress || Bag || Sandals || Earrings || Nails (Naked) || Lips (Energy Shot) || Cuff ||
Look 3: Dress || Clutch || Wedges || Earrings || Nails (Beauty School Dropout) ||
Lips (Peach Blossom) || Bracelet 1, 2, 3 ||
Look 4: Dress || Bag || Heels || Earrings || Bracelet || Nails (Coral Pink) || 
Lips (Lingerie Pink) || Rings ||

I have two weddings to attend this summer, so I'm already planning my outfits!! Plus, every time I turn around or open Facebook someone else is getting engaged, which means this is going to be an on-going thing. I don't think I'm alone in saying that I love attending weddings, but I never know what to wear. So I created four outfits that I love and think would be great for all the summer weddings and parties you have on your schedule. 

My real problem is that I love wearing white in the summer. That leads to always being drawn to white sundresses and my closet can sometimes be a little devoid of color. I've heard that it is now socially acceptable to wear white to a wedding, but I think that really depends on the bride so I choose not to test it. Instead I take it as a challenge to find and wear some color and branch out a little. Plus, then I can mix in all the neutral accessories that I love and not be too washed out.

I am so excited to go to all of these weddings, but I think these looks would be great for graduations, too! There's so much going on the next couple of months and I can't wait to style an outfit for every occasion! 

Love you lots,

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