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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Birthday Recap!

So yesterday I turned 24! OH my god... I feel old. 

Basically I am starting my quarter-life crisis a few years early!
I remember growing up waiting months and months for it to be my birthday. It meant the start of summer vacation, an end-of-year/birthday party and to be honest, being the center of attention for the day. I am so not the type to be in the spotlight and I always remember getting really excited about going to school on my birthday and then I'd hide all day so people wouldn't sing to me. The social anxiety was too much and the spotlight always far too bright. Haha!

This year, I awaited my birthday with excitement because I am heading home to Texas, but also dread because I'm another year older, but here's how yesterday went: 

This year with my birthday being on a Friday I did unfortunately have to go to work, but I dressed up in a cute outfit, rocked my favorite heels and finished packing for my trip!

I skipped breakfast to pack so by lunchtime I was on the verge of hangry. Since we're leaving town I asked KB to forgo the cake and flowers because I was worried they'd go to waste. So instead of a cake I got a cupcake and a coffee at lunch! (There are a lot of sweets in this post, don't judge.)

Top || Skirt || Watch || Earrings || Cuff || Shoes ||
I totally forgot to take a picture of my outfit yesterday, but I've recreated it with newer pieces for you to see! These were all things I already had in my closet! I changed out of the heels into sandals to walk to lunch :) 
Model Bakery's coconut  cupcakes are phenomenal!!
After work was over we jumped in the car and headed to San Francisco! We stopped at the hotel, I did a quick change (kept on the same shoes and jewelry and changed my dress) and we hopped in an Uber to dinner. We met some friends at Jardinére! It was such a great venue. We ordered some champagne and I had the salmon! Then they brought out a candle, a card, and some mini desserts!

After dinner we grabbed another Uber and went to a bar that I've wanted to go to for so long. Novela is a library-themed bar with books lining the walls, tin tiled ceilings and drinks named after popular fictional characters. And they make a variety of punches that can be ordered in a pitcher for your whole party. I chose to get the Leopold Bloom!

Then after a long day it was time for bed. However, the celebrating isn't over! I got to go today and pick up my birthday present from the mall! KB got me a new suitcase! Most of mine are duct taped together and have been completely destroyed by baggage handlers. So after taking them all over the world (literally) it was time to get a new one. Plus, he's tired of me stealing his large suitcase before he can pack it! It's navy so it won't show dirt and it's monogrammed!

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! I'm heading home for birthday 2.0 with my family! Hope you all have an amazing Memorial Day Weekend!!

Love you lots,

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