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Friday, September 2, 2016

Project: Desk Redo!

This time last week I was running all over San Antonio picking up things to take to my brother for his freshman year of college. Somewhere in between picking up succulents at Home Depot and a stapler at Target I decided that I wanted to start redoing my workspace. At the beginning of the year I posted about redoing my whole office space, but it's been a little overwhelming. And to be honest, I keep buying new shoes instead of a marble coffee table and a fiddle leaf fig tree. I mean priorities, right?

Anyway starting with the workstation is a small enough project that I won't break the bank and I can still feel inspired when I sit down to my computer. I just wish there was a magic wand that could get rid of all the clutter that is currently residing on my desk! 

I love all of these geometric shapes and the idea of mixing metals. Plus, if you want a candle that makes working on your computer much more enjoyable I reccommend this one! Diptyque is one of my favorite candle brands and Roses is one of my favorite scents. (The perfume is great, too!)

This weekend I will definitely be making a trip to CB2 and Homegoods to pick up a few great things.

What are some of your Fall projects?

Love you lots,

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