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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Fall Shoe Trends!

I am undoubtedly a shoe person. With every fashion week comes a whole new line of clothing, but I always find myself checking out the new footwear coming down the runway! So I wanted to put together a little list of the biggest shoe trends this season. The designers started the trend and, as always, more affordable brands have mimicked the designs. I hate to buy look-a-likes, but this girl can't drop $700-$900 on a single pair of shoes and still pay my pricey California rent. Believe me I would love to max out my credit card and buy the whole lefthand column, but responsibilities... Of course, the quality of materials for the cheaper options won't be as great, but you'll be on trend from now until Spring and that's what counts!

One of the trends that has really taken hold is Men's Wear. This is nothing new. We've seen the tuxedo pant, the tuxedo jacket, the sloppy button up (mostly from the men's department and worn with skinny jeans), but the loafer is coming back with a vengence! I purchased a metallic pink pair from Coach last winter and I love them! But now you can pick them up in every color, patent or suede, no heel or a pump. If you're into a statement/colorful shoe try out a pink pair. This light pink shade is going to be everywhere this fall and I'm so excited to mix it in with my duller fall/winter neutrals.

Stuart Weitzman and the OTK are here to stay. These luxurious suede boots have been on the rise for a while and I admit I have a pair, but in a different style. Love booties with jeans? Pair your OTKs with a printed dress and coat? The styling options are endless, but so are the cheaper styles. You can even get a pair that's not in suedette (a fabric I abhor), but plan to spend a little more money. And from far away no one will even know the difference.

A trend that I love, but haven't bought into yet is velvet. I talked about wanted a burgundy velvet pair of jeans in this post last week, but styling a velvet pair of booties is a whole new adventure! I do understand that this is a total statement piece and might not be for everyone, so I included a look-a-like in faux suede. (I don't want to leave anyone out!) And if you really want to try the trend, but are still a little unsure if you'd put them on your feet pick up a pair in black or gray. The velvet texture will be much less noticeable!

Then I included these metallic flats, not because they're a huge new trend, but simply because these, a pair of dark jeans, a button up men's shirt and a blanket scarf make for the best, easy outfit ever! And I just love a good pointed toe flat!

Check back soon for more fall trends!

Love you lots,

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