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Friday, May 1, 2015

I went to London and did so much shopping! -- London Haul Part One

So a few weekends ago, I went to London and while there I went shopping... So. Much. Shopping. I promise it's not all I did, we saw some sites, went to an owl conservation event and ate at some of the tastiest restaurants. We stayed at the Ampersand Hotel and if you're going to London soon, I recommend you check it out. The room and the bathroom were so CUTE! And in the lobby there is a little restaurant that serves afternoon tea, which was a really fun experience.

But, you clicked here to see what I bought, so this is what I picked out!

Ted Baker Body Scrub: First of all, I love Ted Baker! I have loved Ted Baker since I found one of his dresses at a sample sale when I was 12. So naturally, when I stumbled past his cosmetics line I had to pick something out. The weight of my suitcase was getting questionable, so while I wanted a few other things I just stuck with this one. This scrub is so thick! It's like Jell-O. I've never felt anything this consistency. It smells so good, it looks cute sitting out in the bathroom and it's going to help get me some super summer legs!

Cowshed Cheeky Turn Me On Gradual Tanner: Speaking of summer legs... hello to my new favorite gradual tanner. I've always used Jergens Natural Glow, but the last bottle that I bought started to turn me a little orange and nobody wants that, so I've been on the market for a new tanner. I love Cowshed products and really like their moisturizer, especially in the winter because it's so thick. I asked about this tanner and the women in the store said everyone at the Cowshed headquarters uses it and loves it! I can't wait to be bronzed again! Also, there was a spa in the store so next time I am definitely going to get my nails done!

Prints: I found these prints at an open, outdoor-style market. I've been looking for some unique artwork to make a photo gallery wall with. KB and I both really liked these so we picked out three! The background is a page from an antique book and then the characters are printed on top of them. I met the artist and he was so sweet! I need to get these framed, ASAP! (Updated: Check out the artist and his work here!)

Penhaligon's Teacup: I was given this teacup by the woman who helped me pick out my perfume. She remembered KB from the last time he traveled there and went to the store plus we bought a lot of products this time (KB did at least), so she gave use these teacups as a gift. I love the print! Since we went to an afternoon tea while we were there,  I am really excited to recreate it and use this cup and saucer. 

TWG Love Me Tea: Since I got the teacup, I had to get some tea to put in it! KB's favorite tea brand is TWG, which is actually a Singaporean brand, but there is a huge selection in Harrod's. I haven't opened this one yet, but it smelled really good in the store. I know that you can get some flavors at Dean and Deluca, but I hadn't seen this one before. I'm looking forward to sipping some tea this weekend and just relaxing!

Taschen Coffee Table Books: I love Taschen books and we wandered up to a store front, so of course, I had to go in. Most of the books are way too big to travel with, but if you're a book lover, like me, you'll probably love wandering around this store. I got two small books, Fashion and Photographers A-Z. The photos inside are gorgeous and I can't wait to actually read through them. 

Inspitalfields Candles: Handmade, soy and all natural! These little cans are supposed to burn for 14 hours, which is great for such a small candle. I got two scents Driftwood and French Cedar. I love anything that smells like the ocean. Basically, I love any light blue candle. Water, ocean, beach I love them all. I am burning the french cedar scent next to my bed at night while I read and it is so relaxing. 

Mr. Men and Little Miss books: This is a silly purchase, but it has become a tradition over the years that every time I go to London I get two or three of these books from the Harrod's bookstore. I pick out three of the characters that I feel represent me at the time and write the date of purchase on the inside cover. That way in years to come I can look back and see how I've changed and the stages that I've gone through. It's silly and sentimental and I love it. Don't judge.

Time to go out and spread some sunlight! 

Love ya, 

P.S. Part II with all the clothes I bought is on the way as soon as the video uploads! 

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