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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May Stitch Fix!

I got my Stitch Fix box! I love showing up to my house and having a box of pretty things waiting for me! This was my second box, the first came before I started blogging, and I was pretty excited because they are supposed to get better and better with time. The stylists that select your items use the pieces you keep and the ones you send back to build on your style profile so the items they send you get more and more in tune with what you want! Last time I only kept one piece, but I really loved almost everything in this second box. 

So I ended up keeping two pieces, even though I loved four! I really didn't like the green top, it was too big and the pleating on the boobular region made it hang funny. I loved the little blue necklace, but I had just bought this one (it's on sale now!)  from Francesca's and it was too similar to pay for another one. 

I was, still am, and probably always will be in love with this dress, but since my torso is so short it just didn't fit right. I debated for days what to do, send it back, keep it, send it back, keep it. In the end, I couldn't justify the price for something I wasn't totally sure I would wear. I am considering asking the stylists to send one in my next box in a smaller size that I can try and see if it fits better, because that print and those colors are so cute! 

I decided to keep both of the sleeveless tops. I feel like I always need tops to wear no matter how many I buy. Is that just me? Or does everyone stand staring into their closet wearing only pants and think, "I don't have a single top to wear with these jeans!" Which is ridiculous because basically every top goes with jeans, but welcome to my morning routine. 

Click the photo to see how else I styled these shorts! 

I really liked this yellow top, which was a total surprise to me. I usually don't go for yellow because I feel like it can sometimes make my face appear to be a little yellow, but the cut and color just screamed summer so I decided to give it a try. I'm actually surprised how often I've worn this top in the few weeks that I've owned it, so I think I made a good decision! 

From the minute I opened the box I knew this top would soon be living in my closet! I immediately fell in love with the embroidery! Plus, it's two tone, white on the front and a beautiful coral color on the back! I paired it with white jeans, but I can't wait to try it out with jean shorts and maybe even a skirt this summer! 

Let me know how else you think I should style these two tops! What pieces did you like best? 

Enjoy some sunlight today! 

Love you tons, 

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