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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dinner Date in Yountville

Thrifted Romper (Similar here, here, here) || Old Navy Denim Jacket || 
Free People Sunnies || Thrifted Wedges (Similar DV pairs hereherehere) || 

I am not one to go thrift shopping. The idea thrills me and I imagine finding the best deals on designer pieces, but honestly the closest I get is wandering into a Nordstrom Rack or Marshall's and digging through their sale sections. Shopping vintage or thrift items is great, though, because not only is it great for the environment, but you can find truly unique pieces. I picked both this romper and these shoes up from Autumn + Bower in Berkeley and definitely want to visit them again to see what great pieces they have for Fall! (See my full Autumn + Bower post here!)

I wore this outfit to dinner in Yountville with my boyfriend and some friends and loved the fall-transition feel of it. There's no better way to start saying goodbye to your summer corals and whites than to wear a romper in more subdued colors. You get the same cut and feel of your favorite summer ensemble, but by choosing one in a navy or burgundy you immediately start transitioning into those fall Pantones! 

If you've read any of my blog posts from the past, you'll know that I love throwing on my jean jacket. It breaks up the monotony of a romper and defines your waste, plus keeps you warm once the sun goes down! Don't want to go as dark? Try a white denim or even a lighter wash. I still love the options at Madewell, but haven't indulged in a purchase just yet!

Posting a mostly thrifted outfit is a love/hate thing for me. I love that it's a unique outfit that you won't find anywhere else and it showcases new places to shop other than the bog box retailers! On the flipside I hate that if you love it you can't find the exact piece to add to your closet, so I'm doing my best to find lots of similar pieces to give you your own unique look! 

Love you lots,


  1. That leather bag is so amazing! I need it for Fall!


  2. Love that romper and how you added the leather bag! Perfect for date night! Xo

  3. I love this romper!! So cute. I feel you about posting a thrifted look-you wanna show it off cause its so dang cute, but then can't tell people where to get it. But, I love it and think its an adorable look for a fall night!


    1. Thanks, Lauren!

      Haha the struggles of blogging! At least there were some super similar look-a-likes for this one!

  4. Love this denim jacket! Hugs, Kait

  5. I'm a sucker for jumpers and print mixing and this has both, I love it!


    1. I love that about this style, too! Thanks, Paola!

  6. This really is a great transition outfit, and it makes me want to pull my jean jacket out more! Love the purse, too!

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