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Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Mad Hatter's Tea

Down the Rabbit's hole and through the looking glass into the garden of the Sanderson Hotel awaits quite possibly the most magical experience I have been a part of to date. Having been to London before I have done an afternoon tea service before, but nothing could compare to the detailing that this Alice and Wonderland themed experience offered.

The tea awaits you in mini crystal decanters each labeled with a character's name and an adjoining playing card that details what each of the teas contain. I chose the Mad Hatter because I am a huge fan of fruity teas. It was so lovely and as I sit in Ireland writing this post I'm kicking myself for not buying some to take home with me! I don't generally add sugar to my tea, but with all the sugar cubes hidden away in an adorable music box I was definitely tempted.  The tea pot comes out wearing a black crown with the queen's face one one side and the king's on the other. Oh and did I mention that each place setting was unique? The sandwich plates, cups and saucers are all mix-and-match in the most perfect way!

After the tea is served and you've settled in they bring out the savory portion of the meal. Tea sandwiches, a Scotch egg with caviar and crab on a miniature brioche. The green one looks a little off-putting, but it was my favorite by far. Then of course comes the tower of sweets! It was definitely a sugar crash waiting to happen, but we all dived in with reckless abandon. The mushroom marshmallows, red velvet ladybirds and the espresso macaroons were my favs!

I without a doubt would reccommend this experience to anyone in London. It was around a two hour afternoon meal and champagne, coffee and cocktail are also on the menu (which is held inside of a vintage book on each table!), but unfortunately by the time we finished the tea and snacks everyone was so full we couldn't eat or drink another thing!

Time to go explore Belfast!

Love you lots,

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  1. My friend Sarah just went to the place like that in England. SO cute!