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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Marble Christmas!

 Do you have a fashionista on your shopping list? That person who's always looking for something "Instagram worthy" or who spends hours whitening the backgrounds of their images in FaceTune. The person on your list that although we are half way through the month you have no idea what to get them because you're afraid your taste won't meet their very high, social media conscience expectations. I have one word for you: Marble. 

Marble is not a new trend, but it's one that continues to grow year after year. So whether you need a hostess gift or something to wrap and put under the tree one of these gifts are sure to please. The best part is that marble can really work seamlessly into anyone's decor. My house is very modern with a ton of midcentury finishes and this tray sits on our bar cabinet beautifully. On the flipside, my parent's house is more traditional with modern ranch style thrown in and I can easily see this candle fitting in beautifully on a side table in the living room.

Of course, some people may find getting an agenda for the new year a little boring, but babes I'm already shopping for mine! It would be a dream to wake up on Christmas morning to find a gorgeous planner for the next year. A perfectly scheduled week is the gift that keeps on giving!

 And I have to mention this watch because I am obsessed with it! I have a very similar watch, though, so it's not something I will be adding to my collection, but I really hope that some of you do! It's too cute not to share, but I've also shared a similar one down below with a gray strap if the metal rose gold version isn't your thing. 

Check back the next few days for a few more print themed gift guides!

Merry Christmas!

Love you lots,

P.S. Please forgive me if any of these items sell out, these guides were build in advance. I will do my best to update the shopping widgets with similar items! 

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