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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Gifts that Give Back!

This is the season of giving! I absolutely love giving gifts to all of my friends and family. I have a tendency to go overboard every single year (sorry bank account),  but I just can't help it. Now I know giving gifts isn't the only way to show people how much I appreciate and love them, but at Christmas time I take advantage of the season and splurge a little. 

This year, however, I want to make an effort to buy gifts that everyone on my list will enjoy, but will also give back to causes that they care about. It shows how much you know them and helps support charitable companies at the same time. You can also donate to a cause on your families behalf, but if you want a gift for them to open on Christmas morning these are all amazing options. This year I scoured the Internet and all the brands I love to find gift options that support some of my favorite causes. I was so excited to see that Tory Burch is supporting women entrepreneurs and that the Kate Spade On Purpose brand is still going strong!

I wanted this guide to cover everyone on your list. Kiddos will love the plush animals, the Kate Spade On Purpose bags will be a hit with all of the ladies on your list, and a yummy chocolate bar makes an amazing stocking stuffer! I did link a woman's pair of sunglasses, but check out the men's line at Warby Parker because they have so many amazing choices.

My challenge to all of you is to give at least one gift this year that gives back! Hopefully, my family isn't reading this, but I've already bought each of them a bag of Grounds & Hounds coffee from a local shop here in Austin (Support Local, too!)! We are all huge coffee drinkers and puppy lovers, so it's perfect!

Pick a charity and find a way to support them however you can because it's great to give to your loved ones, but also important to give to charity.

Merry Christmas!

Love you lots,

P.S. Please forgive me if any of these items sell out, these guides were build in advance. I will do my best to update the shopping widgets with similar items! 

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