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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Be Mine?

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I can't believe it's already the first of February and I am already behind schedule!! Now that January is behind us and we're only two weeks away from Valentine's Day I wanted to create a few gift guides. No matter if you're celebrating with a significant other, throwing a 'Gal'entines party, or just hanging out with family it's always nice to give a little gift to show your love.

Of course, I know people who refuse to celebrate Valentine's day, but this year more than ever I think it's a great reminder to spread some love to those around you. Bring a coffee to a co-worker, bake cookies for a neighbor or just send out cards to your closest — believe me after these last few weeks anyone would love to feel remembered and cared for. Small gestures have just as much impact as giving a gift and are usually remembered long after the physical gift is gone.

I grew up in a household where every holiday was a big holiday and that included February 14. My parents loved to celebrate and we've always really cherished family time, so any holiday gave us an excuse to to crank up the family time to a 15 (it was generally at a constant 10). When I was little we would wake up to a small basket of goodies and we'd have doughnuts or chocolate covered strawberries for breakfast (a big deal in my otherwise health conscious household). To this day I love baking treats for my friends, getting a gift for my guy and sending out handmade notes to my friends! I've heard it's a holiday created by the greeting card companies, but I love it anyway!

What are your plans for V-Day?

I'll be posting a gift guide for your guy later this evening!

Love you lots,
Quick shopping! 

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