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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Be Mine? For your guy!

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In my last post (the gal's gift guide), I talked a lot about how much Valentine's Day means to me and why I think everyone should celebrate this year. To reiterate, there's a lot of hate in the world right now and I think we should all spread some happiness and love on February 14! I don't necessarily think we need a special day to remember to be kind to one another, but it's a day about love so let's really get into the spirit and be great, loving and nice people.

I love giving gifts and I never need a holiday as an excuse (sorry bank account), but I just like making people smile. Valentine's and Easter are just two more holidays that I can get creative and make some awesome goodies or find a great gift to give. However, I always struggle finding the right gift for my guy friends, boyfriend and the guys in my family. Boys are just hard to shop for!

So if you're shopping for the guys in your life I've compiled a few ideas that will be romantic, but not super cheesy. I plan to hand make my BF's gift this year, but I know we don't all have the time to get crafty. I'm struggling to figure out when I'm going to have the time, too! lol! But when in doubt baked goods go a long way!

What are you planning to get your guy?

Love you lots,

Quick shopping!

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