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Thursday, January 12, 2017

January Inspiration

January has the reputation to be cold, grey and drag on forever. It's also the first month of a new year and we all need to start off on a high note! The sun might not be out, but we can still have an amazing time with a little but of inspiration.

This month instead of falling into the habit of wearing dark colors and neutrals try a pretty blush color. This pale pink shade was last year's Pantone of the Year, but it's sticking around well through this spring. Find a few of these cozy sweaters that you can layer with now to stay cozy, but still wear in the spring with flowy skirts and some cute shorts. Of course, you can also pair a white one (both sweaters come in a few colors) with these lounge pants for a lazy weekend reading!

Instead of hating the weather and dreading the cold it's time to embrace it. Go skiing, snowboarding or just play in the snow! I am, of course, from Texas and I know how hard it is to find snow in some parts of the country so gather some friends and go on a hike, instead! It's a great way to keep from feeling cooped up and jump start your New Year's fitness resolutions.

I ran a half marathon in 2015 and haven't done a ton of running since. There's a race in my town in a few months and I'm really considering training for it! I loved the way I felt after finishing my first race and it makes it so much easier to train when you have a set goal. So this month I'm lacing up my shoes and hitting the pavement (or the treadmill on the really cold days)!

Lastly, get some inspiration from a great book! I got In the Company of Women for Christmas and I've been obsessed with the amazing stories. It's such a great book and there's undoubtedly something each and everyone of us will connect with. 

Love you lots, 
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  1. Thanks for sharing your inspiration! I love it.

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