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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

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How long can someone wait to jump on the bandwagon? Well, I waited until the movie came out to actually read the book. Unless you've been living under a rock I am sure you've heard about Me Before You. I definitely have, but I didn't want to see the movie until I gave this NYT Bestseller a chance. I picked it up in the airport and it made for the perfect plane book.

I'm going to be honest, I wasn't as broken after reading this book as everyone said I would be. Then again the only book I ever cried reading was The Book Thief, so maybe that reflects more on me than the story. 

This book is a touching love story that follows a caretaker, Lou, and her quadriplegic employer. After a tragic accident Will was paralyzed and his mood and outlook on life took a turn for the worse. Lou, an eccentric girl from a tiny English town, enters the picture. After losing her job and struggling to find work Lou accepts what turns into the adventure of a lifetime. The two turn each others lives upside down. Will trying to convince Lou to spread her wings and experience life to its fullest and Lou trying to convince Will that there's life after his accident.

This book deals with quite a few trigger topics including rape, depression and medically assisted suicide, so readers beware. However, I felt that Jojo Moyes presented all of these issues in a readable and not at all sensational way. She definitely treated all of them with the respect they deserve. 

I did find it strange that while I read this book I related more to Will than I did to Lou. I did, however, feel like they were equally strong characters, one knowing his path and refusing to waver and the other refusing to say goodbye to love. In the end, I was happy that Jojo Moyes concluded the book the way she did, but no spoilers here!

There is a sequel, but I've heard mixed reviews. Has anyone given After You a chance? I guess I need to buy my tickets and see the movie now! Thoughts?

Love you lots,

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