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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Carry-on Essentials

Carry-On Essentials

I am back on the road, or rather the plane, for another quick trip. This time I am in Dallas! 

There is no doubt that I travel a lot! Whether it's for work, vacation, or to go home for the holidays I feel like there is always another plane ride just on the horizon. That means I've become very good at packing a carry-on bag with all of my essentials and no extras. 

You have to start off with a great bag. I often carry my Jon Hart backpack, but my new computer doesn't quite fit, so I've switched over to using a tote bag. I really like this Sorial bag because it's held up on so many trips and fits the perfect amount of stuff without getting too heavy! 

So here are my carry-on essentials: 

Small bag: I always have a smaller bag in my carry on so that once I get to my destination I'm not lugging the big tote around! I also usually keep my wallet, lipstick, and a few other essentials in this bag so I don't end up digging for them! Especially, my ID at the check-in counter!

Sunglasses: To be honest... I usually have two pairs just in case! 

FitBit: I am not great about wearing my FitBit, but when I am on vacation (read: not sticking to a workout schedule) I like to have my FitBit to reference how much walking I've done during the day. That way I don't feel like I've been completely lazy. 

Extra Hair ties and a pen: Just things that you always need and are really easy to forget. 

Computer: So I can blog from wherever I am!

Wallet: I have my big wallet and then a smaller card wallet. Unfortunately, my Kate Spade wallet doesn't play nice with that Rebecca Minkoff purse!

Passport: I always travel with my passport. It's easy to show at security and you don't have to take your ID out of your wallet. I also always think that maybe I'll detour and randomly jump on a flight to some exotic location. Not likely to ever happen, but I like having the option. 

iPod and Headphones: Drown out the screaming children, stay entertained on long, boring flights and put on some calming tunes that you can fall asleep to. These are a must!!

Jewelry box: Never put your favorite jewelry in your checked bag. If your bag gets lost it's probably gone. I put some of the heavier pieces in my checked bag, but only if they weren't too expensive. 

Notebook: I take this notebook everywhere. It's mostly just a bunch of notes about the blog. 

Book: Usually I travel with one book in my carry-on bag and another in my checked bag. This time I only brought one and I finished it on the plane here, so I don't what I'm going to do on the way back! 

Advil: Traveling can be a headache. Bring something to avoid getting one. 

Bandaids: I love these little travel packs of bandaids! I get blisters so easily and for a long time I never bothered to carry bandaids. My blisters would just get worse and rip, so now I keep these in my bag at all times. 

Phone and charger: Obviously. 

One Dollar Bills: Are you using the skycab? Tip the man. Riding an airport shuttle to the airport? Tip the driver. I am so bad about carrying cash, but when traveling it's just nice to have. 

So I am flying back to SFO tonight! And this bag is already packed and ready to go. Hope this is helpful for all of your upcoming trips! What are your carry on essentials!?

Love you lots, 
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